You can keep your Ember application up-to-date with a few simple steps.

Use ember-cli-update

Update dependencies:

$ cd your-project-directory
$ npx ember-cli-update
$ npm install

Test your application, if you are happy commit these changes.

Let’s run the “codemods”, so it will update our sourcecode to the latest standard.

$ npx ember-cli-update --run-codemods

Run your tests, check your project again. I’m sure, it will be perfect.

Done. ;)

More details: Ember CLI Update addon

A few maintenance tip

You can use ncu (npm check updates) to see which other package is deprecated in your project.

$ npx ncu

More details about ncu:

Sometimes it is quite useful to clean up your project’s temporary folders (tmp, dist), node_modules, reinitialise the lock file, reinstall all the packages and rebuild the project.

$ rm -rf node_modules package-lock.json tmp dist
$ npm i
$ ember build

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